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Thoughts on Werchter again… For me, one of the many* highlights was The Verve.

Recently, seemingly more than ever, it’s become the done thing for bands to re-form (and sometimes reform). Recent examples include: Ace of Base, Alice in Chains, All Saints, Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, Genesis, Medadeth, The Police, Sex Pistols, Spice Girls and Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few. Worryingly, even Michael Jackson is said to be working on a new album, and I’ve seen his name on a poster of an upcoming festival…

That said, I was very impressed with The Verve’s performance. The old classics like Bittersweet Symphony, Sonnet, Lucky Man and The drugs don’t work were popular, but some of the most powerful stuff came from their upcoming album.

A personal favourite was the song “Sit and Wonder”, seen here at Coachella 2008:

It’s true that bands often sound better live than on a clinical recording, but let’s hope for the best!

*other amazing shows included The Chemical Brothers,
Neil Young, Radiohead, Sigur Rós, and even dEUS.

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